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Hi, I'm Kristiina
a Skilled Independant
Property Manager

With 21 years of experience in management, you'll feel confident putting your home in the care of Kristiina Miller.

Management Fee Includes ALL of the Below

*Other Companies Will Charge Extra to do anything past the Basic Listing

(putting it on their site)

Listing/Marketing Your Property

If you're not already on the major platforms like Airbnb, VRBO &, it's my job to get you there.  With professional pictures and a personal write-up, I will get you connected and then continue to market your property online.

Pricing Your Property

Who has time to sit and look through what the competition is priced at each week?  It's a lot of work, but it's so important to stay connected to what's going on around you.  I'll be sure to keep your listing competitively priced.

Inventory & Purchases

It's important to know what you have on hand, from linens to toiletries to dishes, decor, cleaning supplies, propane and more.  Leave it to me to keep on top of this task and to purchase what's needed each month.  A receipt reimbursement report will be sent to you on the 1st.

Managing Reservations

A guest is locked out.  The power has gone out. Guests are not following rules.  A guest has a question about how to use a remote, fireplace or where to find a Vegan restaurant.  From the moment of their reservation to the moment they check-out, it's my responsibility to communicate & take care of them through-out their stay.

Managing Maintenance

Accidents happen, toilets get clogged, heaters break.  And that's why we come with our own maintenance professional.  No need to wait for a plumber, HVAC tech or a handyman.  We've got our well qualified maintenance technician available exactly when we need him.

Managing Housekeeping

"This is the cleanest vacation rental we've ever stayed in!"  That's what you'll hear over and over again when using our housekeepers.  They are trained to leave your place '5-Star Ready' after each guest checks out.  We have high standards and continue to clean with "Covid Cleaning Protocols" because it's that important to us.

Professional Photography

I'll make your listing stand out by hiring a professional photographer to capture your rental at its best!  We do not charge extra for this service and the pictures will belong to you!

Professional Organizing/Staging

Does your rental need to be organized, labeled or decluttered?  How about making your home look like it belongs in 'Better Homes & Gardens' magazine?  It's my job to make your rental stand out from your competitors.

Tax Reports

So how much did your rental make on each booking platform for the entire year?  How much did you spend on housekeeping and management fees?  Need help with your 1099-NEC?  I'll create your reports/forms for you and send that to you in January of each year.

Ask Other  Companies if They...


Walk through your property before each check-in to ensure your guest will experience a 5-Star stay.


Respond to all guest questions within 5 minutes, 7 days a week.


Have maintenance available 24/7 even on major holidays.


Answer the phone when you call/text/email & not send you to voicemail or an operator (even on holidays).


Clean your rental the same day a guest checks out to allow same day reservations (which equals more profit to you).


Decorate your home for the holidays & provide a personalized welcome binder.


Reserve your own stays without penalty or restrictions. Some companies limit your stays so they make more money. We don't.


Have an average rating of 5 Stars on ALL booking platforms.

Sonia R.

Leavenworth Condo Owner

"Kristiina goes out of her way to make sure that not only is our rental organized, but housekeeping is on time and maintenance is on her speed dial.  she does not waste any time (or money) in the process."

Let's Take Your Rental to the Next Level

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